Rabac Open Air attracts more than 26 000 visitors

The first Istra Inspirit at Rabac Open Air Festival

This weekend, the interactive family edutainment event Istra Inspirit drew in a number of young and grown up fans of pirate adventures, who enjoyed the exciting show Morgan’s Treasure at the park below the Valamar Sanfior Hotel.
The visitors were treated to a real live pirate show with lots of singing, dancing, tree escapades and the sirens’ aerial silk dance. The treasure hunt and the power struggle between the two rivalling pirate clans led by the infamous captain Henry Morgan and the piratess Jenny Malone ended with the tragic demise of one of the pirate ships but it also allowed the visitors to experience the unusual life of pirates first-hand.
After a thrilling quest that was teeming with action, swordfights and a battle for gold coins, the entire adventure culminated in an impressive fire show that took place against the stunning backdrop of the beach with a view of Cres Island. The torches, the final showdown between the pirates and the pirate songs provided the adventurers with a magical ending to the evening.
The Istra Inspirit interactive programme will be held at the park below the Valamar Sanfior Hotel every Saturday, with the event ending on August 12th.